About Helnan
A multinational group with holding companies and subsidiaries in many countries established in 1982 by their founder Enan Galaly as a Scandinavian group headquartered in Denmark with extended activities that vary from owning, to managing and developing five and four star hotels in different parts of the world. The group has acquired world-wide experience in up-grading first class hotels in Scandinavia, USA, the Middle East and North Africa. With the slogan "The Symbol of Scandinavian Hospitality"

Helnan International Hotels has become one of the most respectable names in the lodging industry and having different nationalities in the management team, has strengthen the group in understanding various cultures as well as international laws and traditions.

Over the years, Helnan International Hotels owned and managed travel agencies and tour operators (Scandinavian Tours) these fields enhanced the company’s experience and relations in the tourism field in different continents.
After a while, it was decided to cease the business in this sector, but continue using the wide experience and knowledge for supporting the hotel projects which is the core business of the company.

Helnan now operates and owns several properties in Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Morocco and Egypt. At the present time the company has plans for new projects in prime locations in Europe, North Africa, North America and Middle East, as its founder Enan Galaly always says, “we have only made the first steps on a long road".

The group employs thousands of personnel and professional experts in the hotel business from different nationalities. High standards of hospitality are achieved by those employees who go through special training programs to develop their skills and knowledge. Moreover, the management and hotel employees are all devoted to serve the guests and also the properties, the head quarter and the Regional Office which includes experts in various fields for full-time performance such as Accounting, Engineering, Interior Design, Legal Affairs, Administration, Sales, Marketing, Reservation, Information Technology, Financing, and Public Relations.

Hundreds of Helnan former employees are now in senior positions in international hotel chains around the world.

The company has obtained a direct investment scholarship from the Danish government (Danida) as a development program related to its projects in Egypt.

Helnan International Hotel owns and manages a wide range of different hotels including tourism and business conventions, enjoying prime locations in attractive destinations. The company has an entrepreneurial vision as it is a leading company to invest in developing the first five and four-star hotels in various locations in Egypt such as Sharm –El-Sheikh. This hotel was part of the financing through the Danish government IFU (The Industrialization Fund for Development Countries). Consequently, Sharm El Sheikh has become a famous worldwide destination with more than 40,000 rooms.

Helnan International Hotels has also participated in creating & planning for new tourist destinations in different cities on the Egyptian map i.e. Ras Sudr, Nuwbia, Dahab and Fayed.

Moreover, Helnan group manages and owns different land marks Historical hotels and develops them with respect to the hotel history i.e. Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden in Stockholm - Sweden, Grand Hotel Sauerhof – Vienna.

The company is also specialized in preparing feasibility studies for investors acquiring tourist projects in many different countries, as well as, developing strategies to help foster the tourism sector in those countries .
Every year Helnan International Hotels participates in many tourist and travel industry workshops and exhibitions in different regions of the world to guarantee its part in the international market.

The Helnan group provides all aspects of technical assistance throughout the phases of the hotel projects as project drawing, its marketing expertise, and international recognition are further strengthened by its cooperation with worldwide major international reservation systems.
Moreover, Helnan enjoys important relations with worldwide well-known financial institutions in several areas, which provide a part of the necessary capital for Helnan’s exciting and future projects.

Over the years, the company continues to be a pioneer in supporting the social, sport, cultural, historical, musical, festival s and different national and international events.

Helnan International Hotels has arranged also numerous educational scholarships, related to different fields in many parts of the world, where the group was a major sponsor of aforementioned events and projects.

Helnan was awarded with many international & national prizes for its remarkable efforts for supporting tourism development.
With its skilled management team of key positions Helnan International Hotels rely on the local labor force in each country it approaches believing that the native labor is the best choice because of their knowledge and experience of the country's local regulations, culture & laws, in addition to being keen on the development of their own regions.
The mentioned history for Helnan Group, with its skilled managing team as a pioneer service sector company achieving the results and goals due to its respectable recognitions and updating its existing solid fundament to match the new different developments occurring in different sectors in the world, made Helnan a chain of a long way ahead for generations to come.