Company Profile
No one would have ever believed that the young man who had left his native country "EGYPT” at the age of 20, with just 10 sterling pounds in his pocket, and with hardly any education or any qualifications, but only driven by his ambition, would later become after long years of hard work, the Founder and President of Helnan Hotels. In addition, he has also achieved the position of Chairman of the Advisory Council of the International Association for University Presidents, further to aquiring multiple prestigious posts as Denmark’s Historical Relation Ambassador for the Middle East.

Galaly’s achievements have been highly recognized by Her Majesty Queen Margrete II of Denmark who has signed an official Royal decree bestowing on Enan Galaly one of the highest titles in Denmark, “FIRST DEGREE KNIGHT OF DANNEBROG”. This honor is in appreciation for his exerted efforts both locally and globally.

“Helnan” an international group that was established in 1982 by its founder Enan Galaly is a Scandinavian company, headquartered in Denmark. It is involved in many activities that vary from owning, managing and developing five and four star hotels in different parts of the world. The group has acquired world-wide experience in upgrading first class hotels in Scandinavia, USA and the Middle East. Helnan International operates under the slogan "The Symbol of Scandinavian Hospitality".

Mission & Vision and Values
Since its establishment, Helnan International has been extremely unique in its hotel development work in the hospitality industry. Today, Helnan remains a guiding light of modernization maintaining the assets, values, cost awareness, and efficiency of management and employees, for the goal of achieving the service and quality which it provides to all its guests among its different Helnan outlets. Our image and financial results are a major target achievement for our group. With Helnan’s commitments to its guests, employees and its professional management team we will always continue to update our Vision and Mission.

To become the clients’ preferred primary choice throughout the hospitality industry, while contributing to the development of people, hotels, cities and countries that host Helnan Hotels.

To thoroughly understand the needs of clientele and associates and to consistently surpass their expectations by delivering professional, unique and perceptive services; in addition to achieving different goals through collaborative teamwork.