The Helnan Nuweiba hotel encompasses a significant part of the history of the country. It was only after the 1973 war and consequential liberation of Sinai in 1982 that the area was once again run by Egyptian authorities, and in 1990, following the successful launch of the Helnan Marina Sharm, the renowned Helnan International Hotels chain thought to strategically expand its portfolio alongside the Mediterranean Riviera and invest in this historical Nuweiba resort. With the advantage of a spectacular view due to the property’s unique location in the center of Nuweiba, at the end of two small coves and directly on 1 km of an unspoiled sandy coastline, with Taba to its south and Sharm El Sheikh and the famous St. Catherine monastery to the north, no expense was spared to renovate this chalet resort-style hotel and transform it into a showcase property.

With more than half of the renovations complete in January 2010, the Helnan Nuweiba has already begun to welcome guests in its modernized rooms, restaurants and facilities, with highest service and quality guaranteed.
Helnan Nuweiba Hotel - Egypt - Nuweiba, South Sinai, Egypt - Tel: +20 69 350 0401 - Fax: +20 69 3500 407 - E-mail: nuweiba@helnan.com