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Helnan Marina Sharm Hotel - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
A hotel reservation clerk is the human face of a hotel. Hotel reservation clerks are the first form of contact between the hotel and the clients. The client's first impression of the hotel is not only influenced by the ambiance but more so by the services they receive from the hotel reservations clerk. The hotel reservation clerk may work in a particular hotel or he may operate from a call center working for different hotels.

The responsibilities of the hotel reservations clerk vary with the type and size of the establishment and depending on whether the clerk is based on site or remotely for instance in a call center. An on site hotel reservations clerk receives guests to the hotel and assists them with checking in and checking out. The reservations clerk receives payments for services offered by the establishment and ensures that guests receive records of their payments along with terms and conditions for use of hotel services. In some establishments, the reservations clerk also plays the role of accounting clerk. The clerk ensures that the accounts of the hotel are up to date and that all transactions are clearly recorded (see Reference 1). Remote reservation clerks receive calls to the hotel and assist clients to make reservations as well as ensure that any special client requests are forwarded to the hotel staff. The remote reservation clerk also answers email queries and assists clients who are having difficulties making reservations online.