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Conducts shift briefings to ensure hotel activities and operational requirements are known

Supervise front office operations during assigned shift including:

o   Maintenance of guest information

o   Maintenance of information about local events

o   Compile occupancy statistics

o   Supervise the use of he public address system

o   Supervise group bookings

o   Assisting with serious complaints

Supervise cashiering activities during shift including:

o   Cash handling and banking procedure

o   Dealing with irregular payments

o   Instructing staff in credit policies and facilities

o   Instructing staff in cash security procedures

o   Carry out debtor control

o   Prepare reports

o   Supervise the cashiering system

 Customer Service

Demonstrate service attributes in accordance with industry expectations and company standards including:

   Being attentive to Guests
  Accurately and promptly fulfilling Guests requests
  Anticipate Guests needs
  Maintain a high level of knowledge which affects the Guest experience
  Demonstrating a ‘service’ attitude
  Taking appropriate action to resolve guest complaints

  Appreciate the dynamic nature of the Hotel industry and extend these service attributes to all internal customers