Sharm is a place rich in both natural beauty and heritage. Visitors will find that there are many places of interest here. The beauty of the white sands and magnificent mountain peaks of the Sinai desert provide the ultimate backdrop for a safari excursion or a party hosted by the Bedouins, filled with folklore entertainment and food. 

Also worth a visit is St. Catherine monastery.The oldest working Christian monastery and the smallest diocese in the world, the Chapel of the Burning Bush was originally ordered built by Empress Helen, the mother of Constantine the Great. But the monastery itself was actually built by Emperor Justinian between 527 and 565 to protect the monks in the region and to honor the site of the Burning Bush. St. Catherine’s body was discovered five hundred years later at the top of the peak that now bears her name. Visitors who hike up to the monastery for a visit also enjoy unobstructed, spectacular views of the Sinai desert, especially at sunrise or sunset.