King Farouk, who mainly used the structure as housing for his hunting expeditions and parties, initially built the Auberge as a hunting lodge. Since its establishment the Auberge has been host for several official banquets for royalty, as well as the location for international treaties, meetings, and conventions between heads of state and celebrities. In fact, the hotel has also had an important role in the history of Egyptian film industry, as most of the classic black-and-white movies of the past were shot on location at the hotel. 

The hotel’s strategic location both within the Middle East and its close proximity to Egypt’s capital, Cairo, has had a large role in turning the Auberge into a favorite retreat amongst famous personalities, political figures and other prominent guests. 

Keeping with its rich history, the Helnan Auberge has maintained the old port on Qaroun Lake, which was also built in 1937 by King Farouk. The place where activities such as fishing, boat sailing and windsurfing took place due to beautiful year round weather of 22 degrees Celsius in winter and a maximum of 35 degrees Celsius in summer, the port has remained unchanged over the decades, so that guests who stay at the Helnan Auberge get more than just accommodations in a picturesque setting; they get to witness history, unspoiled.