The Colored Canyon
Located 25 KM from Nuweiba, the canyon, which was once under the sea, provides an exhilarating 2-hour excursion through a maze of sandstone rocks. The route through this amazing landscape follows dried-up riverbeds, while the uneven forms and height of the rocks sometimes make climbing necessary.

White Canyon
Less than 40 km to the south east of Nuweiba is the entrance to the White Canyon, so named due to the abundance of white sand and rocks. Trudge across the soft sand until you get to the canyon until you reach the Ein Hudra Oasis. If you continue the trip out across the desert you will reach the Rock of Inscriptions, where one can examine ancient Byzantine writing on the rocks. This is a beautiful, tranquil way to spend a day out in the desert. 

St. Catherine’s Monastery
Dating back to the 4th century AD and at the base of mountains of which one is believed to be the actual mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God - Moses Mountain, lays this Monastery. Containing various small chapels, a mosque, the second most important collection of Christian manuscripts in the world, the chamber of skulls and, so it is believed, the site of the original burning bush, it is a must see when in Sinai. St Catherine is only 115 km from Nuweiba. 
Moses Mountain
The most famous mountain on Sinai, where it is believed that Moses received the Ten Commandments, visitors often climb this 2,285-meter mountain, following a long path up that leads to 700 steps to the top. Start the climb early and enjoy a spectacular view of the sunset over the vast Sinai desert and end the excursion with a visit of the equally famous St. Catherine Monastery, which lies at the bottom of the mountain. 

Desert Safaris 
Enjoy a night or more camping under the stars. The hotel arranges an idyllic camping trip for guests, where visitors will trek through the rugged and starkly beautiful landscape by day, and enjoy Bedouin entertainment and dinner over an outdoor fire before settling to sleep with the sparkling stars as your overhead canopy. A truly unique experience, it is something to be done once in a lifetime. 

Diving Sites
There are plenty of diving sites in the Nuweiba area, all of which contain magnificent walls and stunning coral gardens. The whole area is a virtually untouched underwater paradise and still offers the quality of diving that was found on the Sinai's east-coast decades ago. 

Ain Khudra Oasis
A small oasis located around 12 km north of Nuweiba, it is one of the oldest; around 3000 years old, and today is still occupied by the Bedouins whom are welcoming to visitors. Palm trees and guava trees make this place very picturesque. Walk through the area and catch a glimpse of the rich Bedouin lifestyle and traditions.