At Helnan Landmark, We are proud of our dedicated team that are always on hand to make sure that the most special days of your life are everything you want them to be and much more.
Helnan Landmark Hotel also offers several types of meeting rooms ranging from a main ballroom that can be divided into two smaller ones, in addition to five other different types of smaller meeting rooms.
All the rooms have been named after some of the most famous European musicians that have provided us with some of the best classical music that is still being played to date in all opera houses and music theatres around the world, such as: Beethoven, Mozart, Verdi, Chopin and Hayden.
Our dedicated team is highly trained to provide tailor made programs and a fully-fledged operational service that ensures the success of every event.
All our ball rooms and meeting rooms are equipped with top of the line technical audio-visual equipment that may be required for any event, such as: sound systems, projector presentation, internet connection and flat screen TVs.

Verdi Ballroom

Beethoven Ballroom

Chopin Ballroom

Hayden Ballroom

Mozart Ballroom

Charlotte Ballroom

EL Khedewy