About Helnan

“Helnan” the Scandinavian international hotel chain, with its headquarter in Denmark , was established in 1982 .It is involved in many activities that vary from owning, managing and developing five and four star hotels in different parts of the world. The group has acquired world-wide experience in upgrading first class hotels in Scandinavia, Europe, USA and the Middle East including North Africa. Helnan International operates under the slogan "The Symbol of Scandinavian Hospitality".

Over decades, Helnan International Hotels has previously owned and managed travel agencies and tour operators (Scandinavian Tours). These fields enhanced the company’s experience and network of relationships in the tourism, several international airlines, and charter companies…etc. in different parts of the world. We used the experience and knowledge we got through the mentioned agency for supporting the hotels’ projects, which is a major part of our business.

Helnan now operates and owns several properties in Denmark, Egypt and Morocco. Currently, the company has plans for new projects in other prime locations to expand the company’s name in some parts of the world.

The group is proud that it has thousands of employees and a professional management team from different nationalities with several experiences, who had special training programs in the countries where the employees are located or abroad , to develop their skills and to achieve the needed standards in the hospitality field.

Moreover, we are totally committed to serving our guests’ needs and to provide the required maintenance for the properties through applying and following the company systems, which are based on a clear structure and easy-to-follow up processes regularly.

As a direct result of the training and experiences gained by working at Helnan, many former employees currently hold top key positions in international hotel chains around the world.

The company’s goal is to support its project expansion programs to develop people, hotels, cities and countries. In addition, the group is a pioneer in investing and managing hotels at destinations that previously did not exist on the international tourism map. Accordingly, some of them have become major touristic sites such as Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt and other cities. 

Helnan offers all aspects of technical assistance throughout the phases of developing hotel projects in particular as feasibility studies, support project drawings/designing, pre-opening and recruitment. In addition to its massive experience in sales , marketing and E-marketing, in co-operation with worldwide major international reservation systems and agencies. 

Helnan International Hotels participates regularly in many tourist and travel industry workshops, fairs and exhibitions in different regions to guarantee its share in the local and global market. Furthermore, Helnan Group has managed and owned various famous historical landmark hotels and developed them with respect to each hotel’s history.

Today, Helnan's portfolio has many well-appointed properties. Besides, the company continues to be a pioneer in supporting various national and international events as well as social, sports, cultural, historical, Arts and musical festivals.

The group has also provided numerous educational scholarships related to different fields in many parts of the world.  In addition to the above, the company has been awarded many national and international prizes for its efforts some of them are related to  the tourism development. 

Promoting eco-sustainable development by conducting business activities in a way that minimizes any factors that would affect our environment. Helnan group continuously follows its core beliefs in providing quality service to meet the guest expectations.